Why use FORBIS TeeTime?

Our system provides easy booking management at selected golf courses and simulators. Allows players to pitch book / simulator directly from a website just a few clicks. Just register and you can start booking.

The system is designed so that its controls were intuitive. Through a detailed breakdown of the course / simulator for the day you know its time to choose comfortable reservation. It also immediately receive an overview of the field occupied by the simple graphical table. The reserves are also the book supplements that course / simulator offers. Email notification is samozremosťou, as well as the possibility of cancellation of reservations already to a email. These and many other features we offer our online reservation system Forbo TeeTime.

How does this work

The system is designed to meet the demands of golf courses and simulators in the book. Its main advantage is its simplicity, as well as continuous accessibility and clarity. You no longer have to look for free term on the court. The Forbo TeeTime have a clear view of occupied and vacant dates. Through online reservation system, you can create your reservations wherever you kdekoľvke via computer or mobile phone.

The reservation system is registered with the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic under the registration number: 201403112

Key Features

  • transparency - a detailed overview of vacancies and reservations, obtain course / simulator and players!
  • continuous availability - the system available to you anytime, anywhere with a connection to the internet, even on your mobile phone.
  • e-mail notification - with every reservation you will receive a confirmation e-mail with detailed instruction book.
  • pass - the ability to enable the simulator mode pass, when the reservation is only possible with the help of season tickets that you create. When ordering tickets system automatically generates a proforma invoice and sends it to the e-mail player.
  • schedule - adjust opening hours field / simulator as required. Example, you can specify time intervals reserved for the administrator and much more.

How the system

Become familiar not only with the procedure of creating reservations using simple How to find here.


For more information on the system for operators of golf courses and simulators can be found here.


Demo version to test

If you are interested in trying out our online reservation system, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

We will send you access to the demo.

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