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For information about features and functions booking system

The basic function of the system is making online reservations and review. It is a web application, where everything is done online through Web browsers. No installation is required, or limitations on the number of computers through which the system will manage. Players signing up for the system can be easily babble Book online for your chosen course. The actual courses can create reservations and keep transparent records online is not just about utilization and traffic court. Admin interface allows you to manage and administer arenas in addition to a number of reservations teetimeov supplements, buying season tickets and much more.


  • simple and intuitive control system, a friendly user interface
  • increase utilization field
  • 24 hour online operation
  • Players create their own reservation in authorized and free time
  • overview of all bookings, including reports in a few clicks
  • No hidden fees, No operating costs
  • no installation
  • common portal for playgrounds and indoor centers
  • effect of a common database;
  • additional functions
  • flexible support
  • the ability to create reservations and via mobile devices
  • and much more ...

The structure of the system consists of two parts

Version courses and indoor

Every court, golf simulator operator gets its own version of the system, which he manages himself. Access through their own version of a direct address where the link placed on your website. So the players get through our course website, simulator directly to the reservation system. In the court system, the simulator can set the operating times, deadlines, Block bookings, amendments to bookings (a car, a truck, and another of your choice) for golf simulators and online sales of season tickets (currently working to expand online sales and green fee and teetimov the grounds). After the basic settings can automatically start using the system and make it available to their players.

Version as portal

Every pitch, simulator that uses our reservation system will automatically become part of the portal, which is to allow players to serve a book Teetime in any field, simulator system, without the need for additional or repeat registration. Database players is therefore for all courses is only one. Other settings and functions of the system, and the courts have already set simulators individually, according to their requirements.

Register playersin the system is free. If a player is registered in the system via another court, in the case of using your version, registration is no longer required.

Implementation of the new court, golf simulator the system is simple. Just reach us by email or phone. Then arrange a demonstration of the system, possibly making demo version for testing. After resolving the legal requirements we are able to set up and run a full-scale processing can say in a few hours. Operating fee for court, golf simulator is designed in the form of a monthly flat fee.

Enhancements and further developments.System is constantly improving and evolving. After communicating with each other, we are ready to incorporate all your requirements.

For new users

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